Jorge Torres

Building Envelope Consultant


Jorge holds Master of Science in Construction Management with specialization in Sustainability and Energy efficiency from LaSalle – Ramon Llull in Barcelona, Spain as well as Bachelor of Architecture (B.Arch) from NYIT in New York City. After gaining work experience for several years while working in several NYC firms in the areas of residential, commercial, and retail architecture and after completion of said master’s degree, he decided to engage more in construction management, architectural engineering, and energy analysis.

He coordinates and reviews design drawings, details, engineering calculations and energy analysis based on building codes and standards and other applicable project-based specifications regarding building envelope components. He also conducts quality inspections/tests and construction site visits, as the owner and architect’s “eyes on the field”, to ensure proper work progress and to provide the construction team with ideas/solutions. Since joining FSA in 2021, he has provided consulting, design review and engineering services, as well as QA/QC for more than 70 mid to high-rise building projects in the NYC metro area and its surrounding cities.